Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rambling Rut

A few days ago I had a bright and cheery post about running and working out all typed up and then *snaps fingers* just like that, it disappeared. I'm normally very good at saving things or being able to recover lost items but this time I just pressed a button and it was gone. Needless to say, thus began the downhill part of this adventure.

I too disappeared for a bit after the holidays as I tend to do when the weather turns colder and things just get...busy. The IT band has gotten better with new shoes but the training plan for the New Orleans half hasn't been going so well. I started a boot camp class last week and after three sessions ended up with an acute bronchial infection. This basically means I just cough a lot, have a lot of congestion, get tired easily and am just in general not worth a whole lot. This is very unfortunate as I have a 15k in less than two weeks that I am not even close to being prepared for either. Fun times ahead, for sure.

School has started back and I have managed to not really keep up with things, a lesson I am sure to learn from soon I am sure. Even after a full 3 day weekend of resting and medicating, I am still only slightly better. No running or exercising this week though which kind of puts a lot riding on next weeks preparations.

Let's see, a positive spin on this? 1) I'm back to blogging! Hello *waves hand* 2) I won a guitar from the Rock N' Roll Savannah Half Marathon! (More on this later) 3) I'm still alive! 4) I used my groupon for Trysports in Mt Pleasant, SC to buy a Mizuno ear warmer and long sleeve running shirt. Yay for new running gear!

Hoping to be back on my feet soon and with more on the running and working out front. 'Till then I wish you all good health, don't take it for granted that's for sure!