Monday, April 30, 2012

A little late on that review...

I was a little bummed to write my Cooper River Bridge Run 10k review. Even though it was my first bridge run and I had a great time running with friends, it was a little disappointing (esp after all the hype that goes into it in the months before). I'm going to make this short since I'm sure most of you have heard about the let down of this years bridge run and by now it's probably like beating a dead horse, what's done is done.

Pros: the bridge run expo has so many awesome booths (but could also use a larger venue), the lululemon shuttle vans were awesome, being early definitely has its advantages in a race of this size, lots of post run snacks (like free Chobani cups!) including a giant brat cooker (the largest in the world I believe? I would have taken a pic but more about this later), the views from the bridge are gorgeous.

Cons: this race has gotten too big (people everywhere, I never really had any space to myself in 6 miles, so don't run this one for time!), water shortages on the course and at the end of the race, 1 hour delayed race start due to transportation issues (huge disaster), bag check can really be improved upon (I was told there would be one, searched everywhere for it to finally find an unmarked van bagging up peoples stuff. Then after the race, no one could tell me where to claim my bag. I wandered around for quite a while until giving up and ended up only being a few feet away from it- hence no pictures).

The race planners and directors did a great job at identifying the problems and issuing not only an apology letter but an apology video as well. I'll definitely give it another try and hopefully it will redeem itself but for right now, I'm still a little bummed at the outcome of my first bridge run. I hope that with more planning and evaluating, next years race can be even better than any before!

So what's new on the home front? Not much, finishing up finals (1 left!). Then packing and heading up to D.C. for the summer where I have not 1, but 2 pharmacy internships this summer! I am super excited, it will give me lots of time to get acquainted with the not as flat running terrain and really prepare me for marine corp. I'm thinking I might need another pair of running shoes, so I'm keeping my eyes pealed for a brand new pair. Also trying to re-build and maintain my weekly running mileage to 20 miles/week until marathon training officially begins. That's about it for now. I'll leave you with a pic of a great exam snack I found on pinterest, it helps me feel full (which keeps me from eating junk) and gives me study energy!
No-bake energy bites (please google the recipe - they are oh so yummy and nutritious!)