Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby got a brand new pair of shoes!

I had to cave and get a new pair of shoes before Christmas. I really wanted to hold out because that's all I asked for this year for Christmas so I'm pretty sure that's what I'm getting. But the knee pain was just getting annoying! I was doing everything for IT band pain; stretching, yoga, icing, strengthening. Even though the pain would go away for days on end, as soon as I put on my old shoes and even attempted a run, my knee just wasn't having it. had a pretty good schwaggle deal for the other day so I splurged and bought the Mizuno Wave Rider 14. Unfortunately, this shoe has terrible reviews! But I remember trying this shoe on back in May when I was getting fitted for new shoes, post ankle breaking and pre return to running. I remember thinking they were a little small and although I liked the fit, my aisics won me over. Unfortunately, another pair of those aisics are just too expensive right now. I got risky and took a chance with these mizunos. So far, I've gotten up to 5 miles and not had any knee pain. Granted, I haven't really done any speed work and that is what seems to aggravate my IT band the most, so we shall see. I'm hoping to get in 6 miles on Friday morning back in my home town of Wilmington, NC. I normally wear a size 8 but went to an 8.5 because this shoe runs very small. I have a very narrow foot, so these shoes seem to fit really well for me so far. Again, if things go south with these shoes, I am hoping Santa may have something else in store so I have a safety net. For now, the knee pain has subsided and I think I got lucky with this choice!

New Shoes!

I've really just been running this week, haven't gotten much of any other activities in but you know, I've been a little lazy about getting out and about. 

Total weekly mileage: 11 (still hanging in there!)
Yoga sessions: 2

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blogger Gift Exchange

Happy Holidays!!!

So far, Santa has been very good to me. I happened to get a few friendly gifts in the mail over the past few days. Run With Jill sponsored a blogger gift exchange this year and I got my secret Santa blogger gift in the mail yesterday. It's quite possible it arrived earlier but I forgot to check my mail for a few days.... I was so excited, I forgot to take pictures of the super cute wrapping before I tore into the presents. Sometimes, I am like a little kid and I simply can't wait. I did, however, capture some pics of the aftermath. See below. 

Please excuse my dying poinsettia...

Yay, honey bee stingers, stationary, post its, lara bars, cliff bars, Gu and a fruit bar!
So, my secret Santa is pretty awesome. Everything was so neatly wrapped in cute holiday colors, I wish I had slowed down for 2 seconds to snap a picture (impulsiveness at its finest). There are so many reasons why this was the perfect secret Santa gift. #1) I love stationary, especially the cute "Let it snow" note cards. #2) I have been in dire need of a note pad for my refrigerator. #3) I can not wait to use the post it notes. #4) Lara bars (especially Apple Pie) and cliff bars are my absolute favorites and only runners give other runners these things (like the Gu). And last but not least #5) I have been dying to try the honey bee stingers energy snack, I have heard so much about them! To Kyria, thank you so much for the best secret Santa gift ever! Your gift was so thoughtful and very much appreciated, it really got me into the holiday spirit. 

My secret Santa inspired me to finish up my gift and finally get it in the mail. I was trying really hard not to be a slacker about this, because I am notorious for waiting until the last minute for everything. I finally got my gift packaged and put in the mail. I hope my blogger likes her gift as much as I liked mine! Thanks to Jill for sponsoring such a fun event! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far. I know Santa is starting to tug on my heart strings a little bit. It may be time to rustle up a copy of Love Actually and make some hot chocolate because Christmas is almost here! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A look back and a glimpse forward

Wow. Done with my first semester of pharmacy school. It may not seem like much to many of you but from where I was to where I am now in just a few months, I feel like I have finally realigned my life on the right track. I've spent so many years trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, so many years of self reflection over what would be the "right" career for me and what would make me happy in the long run. I can't say I really knew that pharmacy school was it for me right away, I don't think anyone really knows these things. If you're like me, you just hope that you know how to recognize what feels right and what feels wrong and to go for it, no matter what. So, I did just that. I quit my full time job, I moved into my own place (for the first time ever, no roommates), I set a strict budget for myself and some pretty large goals and started pharmacy school at the ripe young age of 28. Self reflection never stops and learning from yourself never does either, but from where I stand right now I can look back and breath a big sigh of relief. I did it. I made the right choice. It feels right and more importantly, I feel right and I can't say I've felt like this in quite a while. On a side note, I still don't like chemistry...I thought that might change, but it hasn't. :-)

Throughout finals, I managed to maintain a pretty steady work out plan. I ordered some running new shoes from an awesome schwaggle deal that I got from I haven't gotten them in yet, but when I do I plan on a nice run outside to break them in (and a review, of course)! I went for a run on the treadmill this past Friday and ran 3 miles with very mild pain and faster than I've been able to run recently. I went to spin on Saturday and 2 yoga sessions (1 on Sunday and 1 today after my last final!). I have to say, yoga has really been helping my knee. I haven't realized how tight my hamstrings have been from running. Not only that, but I've really been able to calm my mind during finals with some deep breathing. I love efficiency.
In the midst of all the madness. I managed to get my little tree put up. 
Goals on tap for this week?

EVERYTHING I haven't been able to do for the past month! Working out (hopefully with my new shoes), baking, Christmas shopping, errands, CLEANING, hanging out with friends, and anything else I feel like. Hopefully you'll be hearing more from me this week. I have some exciting announcements coming up soon!

Weekly miles: 8 (I finally broke 7!)
Cardio: 1 spin class
stretching: 1 yoga class - counting the one from today for next week!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just wanted to get in a quick update. I'm in the midst of finals so not a lot of time to dwindle here. 4 finals to go and I wish I was more motivated to study. Isn't that how it always go? I would like to blame it on the fact that I'm older and just don't stress the way I did in undergrad but I don't think that's quite it...I digress.

So, work outs. I got in 3 miles on the elliptical on Thursday which felt great! And then I realized that I had like zero resistance and hardly broke a sweat...oh well, probably needed for a good recovery work out. Friday, I went for a 3 mile run on the treadmill before hitting happy hour with some friends. I had to stop two times and walk because of knee pain, I really think it's these shoes! Saturday, I made it to a spin class at the gym and despite scratching the driver's side of my car on a concrete pole (don't ask), it was great! Also, Sunday I made it to "gentle yoga" so I can check that off of my goals for last week. I haven't gone to a good long yoga session in a while so it was nice to get grounded. My muscles were definitely alive and awake on Monday! 

This week, I managed to make it to my running group on Tuesday evening with my awesome reflective running vest on. The 5 miles went well but I didn't push it on the tempo run at all, the knee pain is definitely alive and well, but I recovered fast. I only had some mild pain yesterday and none today, so far that I can tell. I am trying to get new shoes and an IT strap asap. I have also been eyeing up those lulu lemon heads bands. They look super cute and come in fun colors!
My reflective running vest! 

Ok, back to studying. I have another final in an hour! eek!

You will likely hear from me next week when finals are over. 

Goals this week: keep working out to relieve stress! 

Miles accomplished: 6 (will I ever get past this number?)
Cardio: 1 spin class
Stretch: 1 yoga class

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful For Running

Ok, my internet hasn’t been working at home since I got back from Thanksgiving travelling hence the delayed post. I’m starting to think I should post twice a week rather than once a week since I always have so much to say!

Update on the knee: after lots stretching and foam rolling it is feeling much better but I haven’t done more than about 3 miles of running in one period. I took about a week off from running (which has really hurt my Holiday Booty Buster Challenge) but it has been beneficial so far. I did manage to get a 3 mile walk in with a good friend before the holidays. Then I did 3 miles on the beach on Saturday and 3 miles around my neighborhood in Wilmington, NC on Sunday. I tried to focus on my stride as well as listen to my body and I didn’t have that much pain at all, if any. I really think it’s because I need new shoes. Word to the wise: having good running shoes are a must! I have put this pair through the ringer and I am paying the price for not replacing them earlier. I am going to go for a run tomorrow but hoping to get some new kicks in a week or so. Oh, being a poor college student again has its ups and downs. ;-)

What my run on the beach looked like Saturday a.m.

I hope you all had a fabulous Turkey Day. Mine started off pretty awesome by volunteering at the Charleston Turkey Trot affectionately called the Gobble Wobble 5k. I’m really glad I volunteered because the volunteer shirts were much nicer than the runner’s shirts! I got a pretty Carolina blue (for the UNC girl) long sleeved shirt with the piggly wiggly logo on the back. For those of you who don’t know what the Piggly Wiggly is, it’s a local grocery store. Many out of towners get a good laugh out of the name and the fact that its logo is a smiling pig. I must admit, it’s a pretty nifty gimmick but I don’t shop there. I have other preferences (insert snobby look here).  I really loved helping out at the race setup and getting to see the race from a non-runner point of view. This race is one of the top 25 largest 5k’s in the United States and it’s crazy to see the waves of runner cross the finish line, it never seemed to end! I left just in time to see the elite runners cross the finish line and man, were they fast! It was on my way back to my car that I realized I was so happy to finally be able to call myself a runner and really mean it. I love being a runner. Everyone is so fun, happy for the most part and pretty healthy too. It makes me happy from the inside out.

Me and Mr. Pig!

My sweet volunteer shirt (back view)

Before the start of the Gobble Wobble 5K
I didn’t get to the pool last week nor did I get in any yoga. So those are really my main goals this week: cross training as much as possible before my half training starts up again. Oh and staying out of these running shoes until I can get some new ones!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Weekly miles: 6  (boo)

Stretching sessions: 2 (yay!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Running in Pajamas

I must say, this week and past weekend shaped up pretty nicely, despite some minor (well I hope it's minor) problems.

I went out to meet up with my running group last Tuesday. My knee had been feeling better and I was hoping that intervals wouldn't tweek it too much. I thought wrong. I did great in the intervals. Mainly because I tend to pick someone to "race" but they don't really know I'm racing them. We normally do a 1 mile warm-up, intervals or tempo for 2-3 miles and then a 1 mile cool down back to our starting point. The warm up was fine, absolutely no pain. The first half mile interval went pretty well also, no pain as of yet. The second half mile, I noticed it a little bit. By the third it was definitely there and when the 4th half mile came around, my knee was screaming at me to stop. I took it easy on the jog back deciding not to stay for 2 more half mile repeats. I came home and tried to ice it and look up some more info on this mysterious knee pain. I'm almost 100% sure that I have text book ITBS. My pain is exactly as described and localized to the spot on the outside of my right knee, exactly where the IT band insertion point is located. Bummer. As I kept reading, I found that it's not really an easy thing to get rid of. Takes a lot of stretching and icing and just when you think it's gone, it could come back.

Either way, I still had a 5k to run on Saturday so I decided to just not work out and rest my knee until Saturday hoping I would be able to make it through. I also purchased a foam roller to see if that would help work out some soreness. Man, that thing is awesome. Anyway, back to the run. A while back, I won a free entry to a local 5k called the "The Pajama Run" to support awareness of cancers below the waist. The idea is to run in your pajamas but some people wore Halloween costumes, so it was a mixture of everything. It turned out to be a really fun event. I've run the race course before for a different 5k but it's still one of my favorites. It starts at the Joe Riley Baseball stadium, goes through the Citadel and loops around Hampton Park then back to the stadium. The weather was perfect, my friends were with me and I had my favorite PJ slip on over my running clothes. Also, the race was small which was a real bonus for this course, didn't have to worry about dodging others and could just really enjoy the run.

My friend Pat wore the most awesome baby costume, which got tons of laughs. Jen, Pat and I started near the front of the start line. At the sound of the horn, Pat took off in light speed and that was the last I saw of him until the finish. I pretty much lost Jen instantly too but it was a small race so nothing to worry about. Everything was going great until about mile 2.5. I rounded the corner and BAM, the knee pain started to kick in. It started out just the nagging side pain at first but by 2.9, I had sharp stabbing pains that kept locking up my knee. I was at the point where I could see the finish and I was determined to keep going. I made it across with a grimace on my face and somehow managed to PR with 28:25. I knew I would be faster since running the half marathon but I was hoping for closer to 27. Hey, I'll still take the time that I got! I was happy with that but boy, I knew I had done something to my poor knee. Today is Monday and I'm still walking kind of funny.

Pat and his baby costume

Pat, Jen and me before the start of the race

I've decided to hang up the running shoes for a few weeks which might work with finals coming up, but I'm hoping to dive into swimming (get it, get it?) for a few weeks to cross train. I know the best thing I can do right now is rest, stretch and ice. I am itching to run though. I got bit with the bug real hard after my half marathon, unfortunately my knee begs to differ. I do know I need new shoes and I'm pretty sure this is probably related to over doing it and pushing myself during the half but I don't regret it for right now. My goal is to maintain a steady work out plan while still rehabbing my knee. I want to be ready for my next half in March!

One last thing, I was really hoping to get in another 5k before the end of the year but that's not looking possible. So, instead of running I am going to volunteer at the Charleston Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day morning. They are expecting a ton of people and they are short handed for the race. So, since I can't get out there and join them I might as well give them my support. I know it has sure helped me in the last few races so the least I can do is give back and how fitting on Thanksgiving Day!

Look at me, taking lemons and making lemonade. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Total weekly mile: 7 (sigh)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Asking for more!

Only Tuesday and it feels like the longest week ever! I haven't gotten much running in last week due to a somewhat mild cold that I quickly "nipped in the bud", so to speak. I got a last minute invite to the James Island County Park 2 mile fun run last Thursday and decided to go. It's quite the event. The James Island County Park opens up for its "Festival of Lights" every year, the whole park is decked out in these fabulous light displays and every night for a small fee you can drive through the park to see the lights. Also, you can park and go through some lit up trails, see Santa, have some hot chocolate, roast 'smores by the fire pits and even check out a large sand castle display (note: I live near the beach). The fun run kick starts the opening of the park and runners get to run through the streets to see all the lights first hand. How fitting that the race started under a lit up wreath of holly berries?! Although, it does seem a bit early for Christmas, it was kind of fun to get in the spirit.

I've seen these light displays a million times and they don't change much from year to year but this was the first time I have done the fun run. It was definitely a lot of fun and a better way to see the lights than just from the seat of your car!
While on the run...

Awesome sand sculpture (and sand castle maker)

Later that evening I started having some right sided knee pain in my right knee. I figured I must have some residual pain post marathon so I didn't think much of it as I headed out for my 4 miler the next morning. Later that day I was pretty much hobbling around with an interesting limp. I haven't run since Friday  but I still feel it every now and then in my right knee when I'm walking. It's very strange, only on the right side, no swelling or redness. Just a mild ache from time to time. We'll see how my run goes this evening. I may need to hit up the elliptical for a while. In other news, my knee has to get better because I signed up for my next half marathon last week!!

New Orleans! March 4, 2012!

It just so happens to be the week before my Spring Break so I get to run a half marathon and then live it up adult style. I feel like a young college student all over again. ;-)

I need something to keep me motivated over the holidays so signing up for a race in March sounded like a good idea. And why not in the Big Easy?!


Total weekly miles: 7 (whoa...)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm a Half Marathoner!

Lots to report! I am going to aim for posting at least once a week but I am new to this whole blogging thing so forgive me while I get my bearings. There is much to update, with fall break in Pittsburgh and last runs before the half but since my most exciting news happened this past weekend, I'll start there!

I ran my first half marathon in Savannah, Georgia on November 5th, this past Saturday! I have to say, I am very glad that my first half marathon was a Rock N' Roll event. I've spectated other races and been to a lot of the local Charleston events so I know the ups and downs of smaller races. Also, the Rock N' Roll people know their stuff! The race was very well organized and the course was pretty smooth. There was plenty of crowd support and well stocked water/cytomax/gu stations. Being a rookie at these events, I signed up in a later time corral so I was pretty much dodging people the whole time (which was a good thing!). So, my goal back in July was to finish in 2 hours 30 minutes. As my training progressed and I had a feel for my time, I started to aim for 2 hours and 10 minutes. This, my friends, is the smile of someone who finished in 2:08:28! 

I wish I knew how to bottle that feeling of completing months of training (and training well), combined with that feeling of overwhelming fulfillment of meeting a sought after goal! I had an excellent pacer, a friend who not only encouraged me to sign up for this race but someone who was with me when I broke my ankle back in December 2010 and knew how bummed I was about not running. A perfect person to share my finish line smile with! It really was an excellent day and I'm all ready looking forward to my next half. I am so lucky to have found something that I love to do that is also healthy for me. I encourage you all to keep an eye out for that one thing that gets you motivated to stay active. I can make an impact in your day to day encounters and outlook on life.  I hate to say it, but I do see a marathon in my future! And almost anything else active! 

I remember during the race that I thought, if my 28 year old self could go back in time and tell my 8 year old self that I would one day run 13.1 miles without stopping, my 8 year old self would probably sob with despair at the thought. I was an overweight, asthmatic 8 year old. After losing weight in high school and just recently getting my asthma and allergies under control, I feel like a new person! 

Even if you're just training to run 1 mile non-stop, I encourage you to do it. That feeling of being able to look back on what you did and feel accomplished is something you will constantly be rewarded with through running. There will be ups and there will be downs, as with all walks of life, but you will never regret putting one foot in front of the other and getting in a run. 

What's up next, you might ask? I have some 5ks coming up and a 15k in January but the next big event will more than likely be the New Orleans Rock N' Roll half that will conveniently kick off my spring break! 

Get excited! I'm hooked!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Spiced Chai Tea Lattes, galore!

Greetings from Pittsburgh! I've managed to get one run in so far and boy, let me tell you it was killer. My max elevation gain in Charleston has been 84 feet. Today, my max elevation was 164 feet! Yowza, my butt is going to feel that one tomorrow. However, my massage afterwards helped to relieve some tension. Oh how sweet fall break has been. I have been obsessed with everything pumpkin during this trip. I have had my fair share of pumpkin spiced chai tea lattes from Starbucks, as depicted below. I highly recommend you try one if you haven't yet, it's a wonderful fall treat. 

Yum! Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Break, finally!

So 11 days ago I had some really good intentions. What's that saying again? "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." I believe that is exactly how it goes. Needless to say, after that Friday 11 days ago, any thoughts of free time went out the window. Any time I had a free 30 minutes, I spent them watching an episode of Friends from season 1 that I bought on Amazon to assist with study breaks. I love that show. It's been nice to start from the beginning and I have 8 additional seasons to look forward to! I wonder if they will make it through Pharmacy school with me? I'll probably finish them off before 3rd year at the rate I imagine I'll be going through them. The episodes are the perfect length, not an hour long commitment but 30 minutes of pure enjoyment before back to hitting the grind.

I digress. But NOW I have made it through to the other side!! 5 exams and 2 tough quizzes later. That's right, it's been almost two weeks of straight studying. However, the one thing I did manage to achieve was not ONE but TWO long runs. So I have kept up with my half training. With only two more weekends left, I am starting to get antsy for my first half marathon! The furthest I have gone has been 11 miles, I'm hoping to do 12 the weekend before and then that last mile (13) of the race, I hope will just be run on pure adrenaline. If I can cross at 2:10, I'll be happy with my first half (well, I'll be happy finishing at all!). I all ready want to sign up for another one and focus on speed. For this first one, I have just been fixated on distance since I have never run this far in my life. But if all goes well with this one, then I want to do another one soon-ish. Things to ponder.

In about 3 hours I am getting on a plane to Pittsburgh to visit one of my best friends and enjoy my fall break!  I hope I can get at least 2 or 3 runs in while I'm there but it's a whole different ball game in a hilly area. Yes, I live in flat Charleston, SC. I also need to do hill work, did I mention that? Well, we'll see how this week goes. I'm mainly focusing on RELAXATION! I can't wait for a massage, wine, girl nights, shopping, beautiful fall weather, carving pumpkins and eating yummy food!

Happy Tuesday everyone and Happy Fall Break to me! :-)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday musings

Yes. I know. It's Friday evening and I'm blogging. Don't judge. This is my life now. My free time on a Friday evening is spent doing something I really enjoy. Either hanging out with friends or spending some QT with my couch. Fortunately for me, I can blog and sit on my couch at the same time. How 'bout that? Pretty fantastic to me. Believe me when I say the past few months of my life have been a whirlwind. I finally feel like I'm making it really close to the other side. Finally! So, if you need a night on the couch with your favorite hobby (writing) then why not take a moment and breath.

I learned an important lesson today. Someone I know helped me to reflect. She told me that sometimes it takes a repeated pattern for you to recognize an issue. It might sound really simple to you but it was a huge relief to me. Do you ever feel guilt for not realizing something that when you look back and realize it later seems so obvious that you wonder how you missed it? I know, this is very obtuse but just go with me here. Either way, I'm learning some very valuable lessons and it's not from Pharmacy school, imagine that!

So, that baking I was thinking of doing? I think I'm going to make these:

Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing!

On tap for this weekend: 2 runs, tons of studying for my 3 (that's right, three) exams next week and probably some more QT with my couch. Have I told you how much I love my couch? What's the countdown to Fallbreak? 11 days...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Theme

So, I still don't have a theme, but that's okay. Sometimes it's just enough to be yourself and put yourself out there.

It's fall. You should know, that's my favorite. I'm feeling the need to make some pumpkin muffins or some chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Maybe I will be able to squeeze that in while studying my life away this weekend. Along with fall comes midterms. Just got to make it through this round and then I'll be well on my way to the end of my first semester of Pharmacy School. I'm sure I'll reflect on this later. Right now, I'm just trying to make it through. Nine times out of ten it's just merely mind over matter.

Oh and remember that running goal? I'm running my first half marathon in November! November 5, 2011 to be exact. This weekend will be my first 8 mile run, maybe 8.5 miles if I'm feeling ambitious. The weather has just started to cool down here in steamy Charleston, SC which makes running even more enjoyable. I can't tell you how many buckets of sweat I've poured out this summer when I started the training proc
ess. G-ross.

On another thought, kind of loving these right now and thinking I should hold off on purchasing my Toms until these become available:

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

Alright, back to studying and...dreaming! :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about blogs lately. In particular, I've been thinking about my blog. I feel like my blog should have a purpose. I mean, otherwise, I have just an online personal diary on my hands. I wouldn't mind having a blog about just daily happenings, especially since it becomes harder and harder to keep up with all the important people in my life lately. I know, it sounds crazy, I mean who can't keep up with important people in their lives? Well, it's not the same as an actual phone conversation or face-to-face meeting but it's nice to be able to open a web page and read about what is going in the lives of your loved ones. On the flip side, when I read peoples blogs about cooking, fashion or even celebrity blogs I feel like those blogs have a purpose and that purpose is what keeps them writing. Personally, that's what makes it hard for me to keep up with my blog. Not only for time purposes, but also for the main purpose. Sometimes I have too many things to convey and it's hard to get them out in once concise post. So for now, I'm going to try the blog of top 5 things that I have to say or that happened in that particular day. With that said, lets begin!

1. I'm starting pharmacy school in the fall. I finally made a decision on my career. Add another 4 years of school to my life and I'll have my doctorate...and a ton of debt to follow up on. I think I'm going to have some anxiety about this for the next few years but hopefully I'll still be able to sleep at night.

2. I did p90x with some friends on Friday. Not only was it the first time for me but it was also arm day, which is by far the weakest set of muscles in my body. Today is Sunday and I still can't completely straighten my arms without a wince of pain. That said, it was still an awesome work out. I support p90x. I just have committment issues and probably wouldn't stick with it like you should. Story of my life.

3. I broke my ankle back in December and I'm ALMOST back to my pre-broken ankle running pace and distance. But that's not enough! I really want to go further this time. I went to a running form clinic Saturday morning and they had some really good tips for form. I've been trying to utilize this in my runs and I've really noticed a more efficient stride. Hope this keeps me going further.

4. I am most definitely a junk TV addict. I will watch all the horribly girly movies and TV shows. But I do have some standards. For instance, I can watch Jersey Shore but I can't get in to Jerseylicious. I loooove Pregnant in Heels but I can't really stand Mob Wives. Bethenny Ever After gets me through every week, but any of the Real Housewives series makes me a little nauseous. I am probably the only person who is picky about bad TV...but I can't be, right?

5. I have had this ridiculous craving for homemade chocolate chip cookies. So I made some today, while watching awful TV and it was the best thing ever. I ate about half a dozen and put the rest in the freezer to deter my craving. They are still calling my name from the freezer...buh bye!