Thursday, March 8, 2012

One ending leads to another beginning...

Oh hey blog, still there? That's good, because I've obviously not been here for a while! However, the good news is that usually the first thing to go when I'm super busy is working out and that has NOT been the case this semester! Unfortunately, blogging has taken a back seat. Note to self: need to work on this.

In running news, I finished my second half marathon!! Remember the New Orleans one I signed up for a while back?! Well I did it AND I didn't really follow my training plan like last semester. Actually I only did one long run before this half. I have been participating in a hard core boot camp three times a week so I'm guessing that did a lot for strength. I didn't PR in this one but I wasn't far off from my first time and I felt really good afterwards. I'm talking like I didn't feel max exertion and little to no soreness the next day. Good signs right?!

That being said... I finally did it! I signed up for my very first marathon!!!!!!

Drum roll please.......

I will be running the marine corp marathon in October 2012. That is, of course, if all things go well. I'm working on my goals and establishing a solid training plan that I can work around with school next semester. I am super nervous but really excited at the same time. I don't even know how to explain it.

I hope you'll all join me along this crazy ride of marathon training! (Eeeek, I just typed marathon training!!! Wow. Ok, this has been happening a lot. Gotta go now.) I'll leave you with this happy pic!


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