Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Asking for more!

Only Tuesday and it feels like the longest week ever! I haven't gotten much running in last week due to a somewhat mild cold that I quickly "nipped in the bud", so to speak. I got a last minute invite to the James Island County Park 2 mile fun run last Thursday and decided to go. It's quite the event. The James Island County Park opens up for its "Festival of Lights" every year, the whole park is decked out in these fabulous light displays and every night for a small fee you can drive through the park to see the lights. Also, you can park and go through some lit up trails, see Santa, have some hot chocolate, roast 'smores by the fire pits and even check out a large sand castle display (note: I live near the beach). The fun run kick starts the opening of the park and runners get to run through the streets to see all the lights first hand. How fitting that the race started under a lit up wreath of holly berries?! Although, it does seem a bit early for Christmas, it was kind of fun to get in the spirit.

I've seen these light displays a million times and they don't change much from year to year but this was the first time I have done the fun run. It was definitely a lot of fun and a better way to see the lights than just from the seat of your car!
While on the run...

Awesome sand sculpture (and sand castle maker)

Later that evening I started having some right sided knee pain in my right knee. I figured I must have some residual pain post marathon so I didn't think much of it as I headed out for my 4 miler the next morning. Later that day I was pretty much hobbling around with an interesting limp. I haven't run since Friday  but I still feel it every now and then in my right knee when I'm walking. It's very strange, only on the right side, no swelling or redness. Just a mild ache from time to time. We'll see how my run goes this evening. I may need to hit up the elliptical for a while. In other news, my knee has to get better because I signed up for my next half marathon last week!!

New Orleans! March 4, 2012!

It just so happens to be the week before my Spring Break so I get to run a half marathon and then live it up adult style. I feel like a young college student all over again. ;-)

I need something to keep me motivated over the holidays so signing up for a race in March sounded like a good idea. And why not in the Big Easy?!


Total weekly miles: 7 (whoa...)

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