Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful For Running

Ok, my internet hasn’t been working at home since I got back from Thanksgiving travelling hence the delayed post. I’m starting to think I should post twice a week rather than once a week since I always have so much to say!

Update on the knee: after lots stretching and foam rolling it is feeling much better but I haven’t done more than about 3 miles of running in one period. I took about a week off from running (which has really hurt my Holiday Booty Buster Challenge) but it has been beneficial so far. I did manage to get a 3 mile walk in with a good friend before the holidays. Then I did 3 miles on the beach on Saturday and 3 miles around my neighborhood in Wilmington, NC on Sunday. I tried to focus on my stride as well as listen to my body and I didn’t have that much pain at all, if any. I really think it’s because I need new shoes. Word to the wise: having good running shoes are a must! I have put this pair through the ringer and I am paying the price for not replacing them earlier. I am going to go for a run tomorrow but hoping to get some new kicks in a week or so. Oh, being a poor college student again has its ups and downs. ;-)

What my run on the beach looked like Saturday a.m.

I hope you all had a fabulous Turkey Day. Mine started off pretty awesome by volunteering at the Charleston Turkey Trot affectionately called the Gobble Wobble 5k. I’m really glad I volunteered because the volunteer shirts were much nicer than the runner’s shirts! I got a pretty Carolina blue (for the UNC girl) long sleeved shirt with the piggly wiggly logo on the back. For those of you who don’t know what the Piggly Wiggly is, it’s a local grocery store. Many out of towners get a good laugh out of the name and the fact that its logo is a smiling pig. I must admit, it’s a pretty nifty gimmick but I don’t shop there. I have other preferences (insert snobby look here).  I really loved helping out at the race setup and getting to see the race from a non-runner point of view. This race is one of the top 25 largest 5k’s in the United States and it’s crazy to see the waves of runner cross the finish line, it never seemed to end! I left just in time to see the elite runners cross the finish line and man, were they fast! It was on my way back to my car that I realized I was so happy to finally be able to call myself a runner and really mean it. I love being a runner. Everyone is so fun, happy for the most part and pretty healthy too. It makes me happy from the inside out.

Me and Mr. Pig!

My sweet volunteer shirt (back view)

Before the start of the Gobble Wobble 5K
I didn’t get to the pool last week nor did I get in any yoga. So those are really my main goals this week: cross training as much as possible before my half training starts up again. Oh and staying out of these running shoes until I can get some new ones!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Weekly miles: 6  (boo)

Stretching sessions: 2 (yay!)

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