Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday musings

Yes. I know. It's Friday evening and I'm blogging. Don't judge. This is my life now. My free time on a Friday evening is spent doing something I really enjoy. Either hanging out with friends or spending some QT with my couch. Fortunately for me, I can blog and sit on my couch at the same time. How 'bout that? Pretty fantastic to me. Believe me when I say the past few months of my life have been a whirlwind. I finally feel like I'm making it really close to the other side. Finally! So, if you need a night on the couch with your favorite hobby (writing) then why not take a moment and breath.

I learned an important lesson today. Someone I know helped me to reflect. She told me that sometimes it takes a repeated pattern for you to recognize an issue. It might sound really simple to you but it was a huge relief to me. Do you ever feel guilt for not realizing something that when you look back and realize it later seems so obvious that you wonder how you missed it? I know, this is very obtuse but just go with me here. Either way, I'm learning some very valuable lessons and it's not from Pharmacy school, imagine that!

So, that baking I was thinking of doing? I think I'm going to make these:

Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing!

On tap for this weekend: 2 runs, tons of studying for my 3 (that's right, three) exams next week and probably some more QT with my couch. Have I told you how much I love my couch? What's the countdown to Fallbreak? 11 days...

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