Thursday, December 8, 2011


Just wanted to get in a quick update. I'm in the midst of finals so not a lot of time to dwindle here. 4 finals to go and I wish I was more motivated to study. Isn't that how it always go? I would like to blame it on the fact that I'm older and just don't stress the way I did in undergrad but I don't think that's quite it...I digress.

So, work outs. I got in 3 miles on the elliptical on Thursday which felt great! And then I realized that I had like zero resistance and hardly broke a sweat...oh well, probably needed for a good recovery work out. Friday, I went for a 3 mile run on the treadmill before hitting happy hour with some friends. I had to stop two times and walk because of knee pain, I really think it's these shoes! Saturday, I made it to a spin class at the gym and despite scratching the driver's side of my car on a concrete pole (don't ask), it was great! Also, Sunday I made it to "gentle yoga" so I can check that off of my goals for last week. I haven't gone to a good long yoga session in a while so it was nice to get grounded. My muscles were definitely alive and awake on Monday! 

This week, I managed to make it to my running group on Tuesday evening with my awesome reflective running vest on. The 5 miles went well but I didn't push it on the tempo run at all, the knee pain is definitely alive and well, but I recovered fast. I only had some mild pain yesterday and none today, so far that I can tell. I am trying to get new shoes and an IT strap asap. I have also been eyeing up those lulu lemon heads bands. They look super cute and come in fun colors!
My reflective running vest! 

Ok, back to studying. I have another final in an hour! eek!

You will likely hear from me next week when finals are over. 

Goals this week: keep working out to relieve stress! 

Miles accomplished: 6 (will I ever get past this number?)
Cardio: 1 spin class
Stretch: 1 yoga class

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