Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby got a brand new pair of shoes!

I had to cave and get a new pair of shoes before Christmas. I really wanted to hold out because that's all I asked for this year for Christmas so I'm pretty sure that's what I'm getting. But the knee pain was just getting annoying! I was doing everything for IT band pain; stretching, yoga, icing, strengthening. Even though the pain would go away for days on end, as soon as I put on my old shoes and even attempted a run, my knee just wasn't having it. had a pretty good schwaggle deal for the other day so I splurged and bought the Mizuno Wave Rider 14. Unfortunately, this shoe has terrible reviews! But I remember trying this shoe on back in May when I was getting fitted for new shoes, post ankle breaking and pre return to running. I remember thinking they were a little small and although I liked the fit, my aisics won me over. Unfortunately, another pair of those aisics are just too expensive right now. I got risky and took a chance with these mizunos. So far, I've gotten up to 5 miles and not had any knee pain. Granted, I haven't really done any speed work and that is what seems to aggravate my IT band the most, so we shall see. I'm hoping to get in 6 miles on Friday morning back in my home town of Wilmington, NC. I normally wear a size 8 but went to an 8.5 because this shoe runs very small. I have a very narrow foot, so these shoes seem to fit really well for me so far. Again, if things go south with these shoes, I am hoping Santa may have something else in store so I have a safety net. For now, the knee pain has subsided and I think I got lucky with this choice!

New Shoes!

I've really just been running this week, haven't gotten much of any other activities in but you know, I've been a little lazy about getting out and about. 

Total weekly mileage: 11 (still hanging in there!)
Yoga sessions: 2

Happy Holidays!

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